Cost of Services:

Restoration Estimate by a Public Adjuster = 1 % of the estimate total
Supplements and Appraisals = 10 % of the increase on Supplements and Appraisals 

or 3 % of the total RCV, whichever is more.


0_0_0_0_222_266_csupload_62957186_largeYour professional Xactimate Estimate includes:

Estimate written by a Public Adjuster
Revisions, see 10 day policy
Professional consultation
EagleView Report,
if applicable
Your custom letterhead and Logo
Depriciation Breakdown,
if needed
if needed
Xactimate PDF
Xactimate ESX,
if requested

A recent request from a contractor was to get the estimate up from 30k to around 40 or 50k “if possible”, because he just knew it would cost more to finish the job then what his estimate was showing.  Using his information and our database of Public Adjusting knowledge, our finished product increased the claim to 87k.  That’s an increase of $57,000.00 on one job!  This type of success is common practice for EEE.  That contractor slept well that night, knowing he would be able to complete the job without cutting corners, and would finally make a profit.


How Payments work

Urgency Fee Option:
You have the option to pay a $25.00 urgency fee at the time of submitting your project, to make sure that it receives  special attention.  This will move your project to the very front of the line, so that it is addressed immediately.  At the end of the project submission form, you’ll see the option to pay an urgency fee, simply check the box next to “Yes, expedite my estimate immediately”, and after you submit, you’ll be prompted to pay the urgency fee.  If you do not require immediate attention for your project, do not opt to pay the urgency fee, and you’ll receive your estimate as usual, within the 48 hour turn-over time, granted you’ve submitted ALL of the paperwork required to write your estimate, and paid for it in full.

STANDARD PAYMENTS (how you pay for your estimate and receive it):

1.) After filling out your New Client Form, we’ll wait until you submit your first project to get your credit or debit card number, to be kept on file.    

2.) After you Submit your first project on the “Submit a New Project” page, your estimate will be created and emailed to you, and your card on file will be charged.

3.) You’ll receive a transaction receipt in your email showing the description of the estimate and the charge that was made.

4.) After receiving your estimate, you simply review it and submit any revisions on the revision form that need to be made.  Please see the policy for revisions, to educate yourself.

If your payment is declined at any point, you will be notified and all EEE services will be on hold until the matter is resolved, including appraisals that are already underway.



“Every time you guys write an estimate for us the customer gets the quality they deserve and we make way more money than I thought we would. Now I think I’ll finally take up golfing.”
-Ross Hail of CMR Construction and Roofing, St. Louis, Missouri

“I make a ton of money every time I use you guys on an estimate.  There are so many line items that  never even knew I could get paid for.  Of course you can use us as a testimonial.”
 – TK Remodeling

“I don’t know of anybody in the industry who is as knowledgeable about insurance and construction as you guys are.  We’ve made a lot of 
money this year, this is definitely going to be a long term relationship.”
– Terry Sims, Sims Roofing and Exteriors, Dallas, Texas

“I can’t believe how reasonably priced EEE was, especially considering all of the consultations we had; you nearly 
doubled our claim.  Thank you”

-South Haven Apartments,  Greenville, North Carolina