How does the estimating service work?

It’s simple.

Follow the 3 Easy Steps!




Fill out the New Client Form

If you’ve never used us before (or if it’s been several years) you’ll need to fill out this form so we’ll know who to send the estimate to or who to call with questions.  After submission of the form you’ll be directed to call us to give your payment information.  You only have to do this once.  




Submit Your Project

Next, submit your property information on the Submit A New Project page to have your estimate written in 48 hours or less.  This is where you’ll go to submit all of your projects.




Receive Your Estimate

Once your estimate is complete, your card will be charged and you will receive your estimate and transaction receipt via email. After reviewing your estimate, you can submit any needed revisions on the Revision Request page, where we’ll tweak it for free, until it’s just right. Read our policies here.  There is no limit to how many estimates you can have written.

Once we have your billing information and your new client form, you can go directly to “Submit A New Project” to have your estimates written.  Then, RECEIVE YOUR ESTIMATE WITHIN 48 HOURS OR make your estimate an urgent estimate to get it even faster! Find out more on Pricing and Payments.



Let’s review:  We put together your professional Xactimate estimate using your pictures, documents, measurements, and notes etc.  It will include an itemized list of materials and procedures with the up to date pricing for that area, graphic sketches of the roof, if requested, and other rooms with measurements, your pictures of the damage, and of course, your company logo and header, if wanted.  

You will be amazed at the time you save and the money you make, not to mention how much more smoothly each job will go.  This leaves time for you to concentrate on other things, like your work!


Get started right now! If you’re a New Customer/Client, click here to fill out the New Client Form.  If you’ve used us before, go to step #2 by Submitting your new project here!